We design our BungeeBoard™ Molle panels to survive in all outdoor conditions, including the summer heat. With longer days and warmer weather (an understatement here in North Carolina), special considerations should be taken when packing for a summer excursion. We’ve compiled a list of essential summer-time gear you can trust BungeeBoard™ Molle panels to keep in place for when you really need them.

  1. Sunscreen
    This may seem like an obvious thing to bring, but skin cancer is nothing to mess around with, not to mention the immediate consequences of sunburn. We’re pretty good about packing sunscreen, but the hard part is remembering to use at regular intervals. Having a can or bottle of high-SPF sunscreen on your BungeeBoard™ Molle panel makes it easier to see and thus easier to remember. Just take one or 2 short bungee cords and you’re good to go!
  2. Hydration
    Hydrate or diedrate, is that what the kids are saying? Water is important. Same thing with the sunscreen, if your water bottle is easy to see and access you are more likely to use it. Either tie a bungee cord through a mounting hole for a captive water bottle mount, or use a carabiner through a rectangular Molle hole, whatever works best for you. Molle pouches are a great way to keep electrolyte powder close at hand, or better yet, bungee a whole carton, and a bungee for the portion spoon too!
  3. Hydration for your car
    Your rig needs to stay hydrated too, or cool for that matter! Not much worse than overheating out in the middle of nowhere. I like to keep a funnel and some premixed coolant in my older vehicles just in case we find ourselves in a cloud of steam. Admittedly a whole gallon of coolant is a little much for BungeeBoard™ to suspend (although you could keep a gallon upright if the bottle is resting on the floor), but a quart is definitely doable. Having a funnel and some spare hose clamps handy could be the difference between limping home and having to pay for a tow.
  4. Fire prevention
    Extreme heat means extremely dry conditions in some parts of the county. Having a fire extinguisher or a large fire blanket at the ready on a BungeeBoard™ Molle panel can stop a spark from becoming wildfire. Fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility, but leave firefighting to the professionals, do not put yourself in danger.

To wrap up summer is about going out and having fun. By proactively packing safety equipment and keeping it readily available you can enjoy your adventure with your mind at ease. BungeeBoard™ offers you the ability to keep your most important gear both visible, and readily accessible. This is great for remembering to use preventative safety equipment and saves crucial seconds when you need emergency gear. Have fun, and stay safe!

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