The BungeeBoard™ Molle Panel

Your Gear Your Way

Getting Started with BungeeBoard™

BungeeBoard™ enables you unparalleled flexibility in keeping your stuff from rolling around – you don’t need a special mount for your special equipment. Easy to use and easy to acquire, 3/16″ Bungee Cord locks into BungeeBoard™’s special, precision cut reliefs, You focus on your gear, and BungeeBoard™ will focus on keeping it there.


Why Choose BungeeBoard?

  • Versatile Attachment: The MOLLE pattern lets you attach a variety of gear securely.
  • High-Strength Bungee Cord: Included bungee cord locks into place, ensuring your equipment stays put.
  • Durable Design: Built to withstand the toughest off-road conditions.
  • Easy to Install: Get it up and running quickly, so you can spend more time adventuring.

Ready to transform your off-road experience?

BungeeBoard™ Molle Panel UP-0205-c with props

Ready to embrace the spirit of adventure?

TSN Off-Road’s BungeeBoard™ MOLLE Panel System is the ultimate solution for securing your gear with unmatched ease and reliability. Perfect for off-road enthusiasts and everyday commuters, the BungeeBoard™ is all about functionality and safety. Featuring a unique MOLLE pattern, it offers versatile gear attachment with the included high-strength bungee cord. Whether you’re hitting the trails or just tackling the daily grind, the BungeeBoard™ has your back. Get ready to gear up and go with confidence!

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