An Introduction to TSN Off-Road

Welcome to TSN Off-Road! We’re thrilled to introduce ourselves and share the story behind our journey into the world of off-road products.


Born from Steel

Our parent company, The Steel Network, has built a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of steel studs and connectors. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have consistently delivered high-quality products to our customers. Our team is passionate about manufacturing and committed to excellence.

Driven by our love for vehicles, off-roading, and exploring the outdoors, we saw an opportunity to apply our extensive manufacturing experience to a new and exciting venture. This led to the creation of TSN Off-Road, where our expertise and passions meet.

The BungeeBoard™: A New Take on Molle Panels

The BungeeBoard™ is not just another molle panel; it’s an innovative twist on a classic concept. Traditional molle panels are widely appreciated for their versatility and utility. However, we saw room for improvement. Our BungeeBoard™ maintains the standard molle hole openings but with a special feature: corner reliefs in the holes designed specifically for securing knotted bungee cords.

This unique design means you don’t need to invest in additional accessories. With just some bungee cord and your off-road gear, you’re ready to hit the trails. The BungeeBoard™ offers a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable solution for all your vehicle storage needs, both on and off-road.

Our Commitment to Innovation

At TSN Off-Road, we’re committed to continuously developing innovative products for off-road enthusiasts. The BungeeBoard™ is just the beginning. Our team is dedicated to exploring new ideas and creating products that enhance your off-road experience.

We’re excited about the future and look forward to sharing more groundbreaking products with you. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations from TSN Off-Road!