BungeeBoard 18.85×10.75

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Embrace the spirit of adventure with TSN Off-Road’s BungeeBoard MOLLE Panel System, a cutting-edge solution for securing your gear with unparalleled ease and reliability. Designed for off-road enthusiasts and commuters alike who demand both functionality and safety, this system features a unique, MOLLE pattern that enables versatile gear attachment with included high strength bungee cord.

BungeeBoard is made from 12ga structural grade galvanized steel, coated with a robust high texture black powder coating for maximum durability against corrosion and the elements.

Additional information

Dimensions 24.25 × 18.25 × 1 in
Mounting Fasteners

.5" Stand-off(Included), .75" Stand-off

Inside center console, footwell, door panel, passenger seat center console storage, trunk side storage, RV, Inside truck tool box